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The 5 Most Important Skills I Learned While Interning at UE

Internships are becoming more important to your future career with every passing day. They allow students to both stand out to prospective future employers and gain valuable skills pertaining to their career.

Over this past year, I have had the opportunity to intern with the team at Underground Elephant.  It was a wonderful experience and by the end, everyday felt less like a job and more of a fun way to interact with similar minded, career driven people. This internship experience has taught me a number of things about the professional workplace. These are the five most important skills I have learned during my time with UE.

  1. Be punctual

Whether it be arriving on time, completing a task, or finishing a piece of code, it is important to manage your time. Believe it or not, people will notice who they can depend on or not. By taking steps to ensure better time management now, will only help out later in your career.

  1. Roll with the punches

Some days I would find myself being overloaded with a near seemingly endless list of tasks to complete. On these days, I learned to take a step back, prioritize what would be most impactful to performance for the office and work from there.

  1. Ask Questions

If you do not understand anything right away, do not be afraid to ask questions and/or for clarification. Nobody at your internship wants to see you fail and everyone is willing to help. By asking questions, you’ll not only get clarity, but it will also show initiative that you are actively engaging the task at hand.

  1. Make Mistakes

“You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over” – Richard Branson

 Everybody makes mistakes, interns specifically. In fact, internships are a great time to make mistakes, because nobody will expect you to understand everything the first time around. What matters is that you accept that you made a mistake, analyze what went wrong, and learn from it.

  1. Have fun

As this was my first introduction to the 9-5 environment, it was a bit stressful at first. Originally, I would mostly keep to myself but I was not enjoying my work. Once I began to open up and socialize with my coworkers, work began to seem less like it.

All in all, I am very grateful for my time at Underground Elephant. This has kickstarted my career and made me excited for my future. You get what you put into your time as an intern and my experience has made me ready for the modern day workplace.


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