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You Need the AIDA Model in your Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing, the most used marketing tool across the board. Yet, due to the high volume of emails received daily, consumers have learned to mindlessly delete anything remotely resembling spam from their inboxes. So how can you increase your open rate and get prospects to take advantage of your offer? The answer lies in the format of your email. The AIDA model is a longtime favorite of copywriters and for a good reason. The strategic model creates a “funnel” that leads the consumer into action. Integrate the 4 steps of the AIDA model into your next campaign:

Attention: The first and most important step. Failing to capture the attention of your audience at first glance, punches your email campaign’s ticket for a one-way trip to the spam folder, no matter how great the content is. Avoid this dreaded folder by nailing the subject line of the email– this is the first and sometimes only thing your audience will see. Try leading off the subject line with a sense of urgency by using phrases like, “Uh-oh!”, “Surprise!”, and “Guess what?!”

Interest: Success! You have your audience’s attention- the email is opened. The next step is generating interest; this phrase should be at the top of the email, easily read, and anything but dull. One strategy for this step is to utilize empathy. Show people you can relate to their lives with a funny joke, affirmation of a common problem, and even an attention-grabbing statistic. Need further help writing a hook? This Entrepreneur article has your back.  

Desire: Persuade your audience. This is the opportunity to make your message irresistible. Why does the recipient need what you’re offering? Your “desire hook” should appeal to the wants/needs by offering: competitive pricing, the solution to a problem, friendly service, higher quality, better ratings, etc… Set the foundation for your final step. Make your readers think “yeah, I can benefit from that.”

Action: Finally! You’ve sparked enough interest and desire for your audience to read further and it’s time for action. The key is to make this final step as seamless as possible for the reader. Use an easy-to-find button that will direct people to click directly to your website. Finally, highlight just how convenient and simple this action step will be with easy-to-find, call-to-action language; for example: “You’re one click away from savings” or “Connect to experts in 3 minutes or less.”

As you craft your next email marketing campaign, remember each step of the AIDA model. Following these steps will direct the attention of your future customers into the action you want.

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