• Utilizing Social Media to Attract Talent

    Offering competitive pay is no longer enough to attract the talent your team needs. In addition, millennials are looking to work at a company that fulfills their social, psychological, and even emotional needs. With so many employers trying to obtain new talent, being attractive in the eyes of candidates is essential. However, reaching this desired talent can be difficult...

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  • Four Steps to Invest in Your Company’s Culture

    It’s easy for companies to skip “company culture” when divvying out slices of pie in the annual budget. In previous years, the office place has been portrayed as dull, gray, and a place that employees cannot wait to leave. Recently, company culture has become a valued and prominent part of companies, primarily startups. Having an...

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  • Effectively Using Facebook Marketing Amidst the Age of Scrolling

    Walking down the street, riding the bus, waiting for an appointment, lying in bed, eating a meal… What do these activities all have in common? The majority of smartphone users will say those are peak times for scrolling through their social media networks. With nearly 80% of Americans on Facebook, it’s no wonder businesses are...

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