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You Closed a Lead, Now Here’s How to Keep Them Happy

There are plenty of ways to keep clients happy – promptly provide them with what they ask for, provide friendly customer service and of course, meet their price point… However, there is more to client retention than meets the eye, and long-term success is often rooted in underlying factors such as brand purpose, added value and overall expertise.

Here are three client retention methods to help keep your customers happy:

Remind Them of the ‘Then’ and ‘Now’

When a prospect comes to you for a product or service it is generally because they need to solve a particular pain point. To keep them happy, remind them of what life was like prior to your relationship and services. You can gently discuss with the customer how things have improved since they have started using your service, and remind them of all the progress that has been made.

Be Their Mentor and Teacher

Working prospects through the sales funnel typically requires a decent amount of education through conversations, demos content. Many people in sales stop treating their client like a customer as soon as they’ve closed the sale. In other words, once you’ve closed a customer, you need to continue to be a helpful and available resource. Keeping a client happy can be as simple as continuing to act as a teacher and educating them on processes, trends and innovations that could help to solve additional pain points.

Get Personal

I may sound like a broken record, but KNOWING your client is a must for a successful, long-term relationship. To some it may seem out of the norm for a salesperson to know personal details about a client, but we disagree. In fact, we believe it would be odd to work with someone for two years and not know their significant other’s name, or how many children they have. The best client relationships are ones built on solid foundations and knowing the details of a client’s life. Do they vacation every year in August? Send them a check-in and farewell email a week before. Do they tend to get to work early and leave in the afternoon? Set aside time to work on their account before noon. Knowing the small details of your clients’ personal and professional life kept clients happy and create long lasting relationships.

These simple and straightforward tactics can render bountiful results when it comes to retaining clients. Not to mention, personal relationships can make the job a little more meaningful!

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