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Founder of Holy Matcha Speaks at Underground Elephant

Geraldine Ridaura, shares the story of her matcha cafe, Holy Matcha, with Underground Elephant at Startup Talks in the Park.

Using beautiful design to attract customers, and skillfully securing the perfect location in North Park, Geraldine has successfully turned her business into one of San Diego’s coolest cafes. In her talk, Geraldine shares how she gained 19.2k followers on Instagram in less than a year, why she opened the shop, and why she specifically chose to open in San Diego. Live stream viewers were also encouraged to send in online questions via live channel!

About Holy Matcha: Founder Geraldine Ridaura was inspired to open Holy Matcha after traveling to Japan and discovering the vibrant green tea. The fact that she can’t drink coffee only fueled her excitement to have found such a healthy and delicious replacement. In awe and amazement of all the benefits of matcha, Geraldine set forth on a journey to introduce it to her community.

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