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O.C. Tanner, “UE is One of Coolest Companies in SD”

Big news this week! According to O.C. Tanner, Underground Elephant (UE) is one of the Top-10 Coolest Companies to Work For in San Diego. “Coolest Companies to Work For” is a national campaign recognizing businesses that exemplify unique company culture and employee appreciation. This campaign is part of O.C. Tanner’s broader vision, which is to help “organizations appreciate people who do great work. Because celebrating great work inspires people to invent, to create, to discover. And when people are inspired, companies grow.”

O.C. Tanner informed us that we were selected based on our inspiring company culture, promoting unity and inspiration among our awesome millennial workforce. “A thriving culture drives successful business.” says UE founder and leader Jason Kulpa, “That’s precisely why our company emphasizes culture over profit. It’s why we invest extensively in our employees, coach thoughtful leaders, and support our local community. As I see it, long-term profitability isn’t worth it—nor is it likely—if a company doesn’t have a lively, ambitious culture.” According to the San Diego Business Journal, UE is the 54th fastest-growing private company in San Diego in 2014, with 90% revenue growth between 2011-2013–i.e. $23.1M in 2011, jumping by over $20M to $44M in 2013.

Our cultural traditions range from weekly all-hands-on-deck meetings to employee mentorship from former world boxing champion, Paul Vaden. Vaden isn’t a marketing expert, and one could argue that the “cultural music” is different across industries; however, we believe the catchy beat of a successful attitude is universal. Full benefits at UE is a given, and is complimented with unlimited personal time off, free hair cuts, and generous healthcare packages. We also organize frequent community service events during the workday, making it easier for employees to participate. Continuing education is another aspect of our company culture, including quarterly training sessions, employee development programs, and tuition reimbursement. Next up, an in-house meditation expert to improve mindfulness and creativity.

It’s a simple formula: rather than treating our employees as one-dimensional human resources, we treat our team members like the intelligent, creative people they are. To us, that’s the only way–The Elephant Way.

Thanks to O.C. Tanner for recognizing us, and congratulations to the other local winners: Qualcomm, Hotel del Coronado, Scripps Health, YMCA of San Diego County, San Diego Sign Company, Destination Concepts Inc., American Specialty Health, MI Technologies, and My Office.


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