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Sgt. Yu Speaks on the Warrior Mindset at Startup Talks in the Park

This Episode of Startup Talks in the Park:

Underground Elephant was honored to have Sgt. Dave Yu as a speaker for Startup Talks in the Park. Sgt. Yu spoke to Underground Employees about a state of mind called “The Warrior Mindset”; he described the three steps to this mindset and how the UE team can apply these steps to success not only in their work days but in all areas of life. Watch this video to learn how you too can tackle each day with Sgt. Yu’s Warrior Mindset.

Watch the Video:

About Sargent Dave Yu:

A San Diego State alumni who studied film and communications is now an 18 year veteran of the San Diego Police Department. Sgt. Yu excels in training his officers on obtaining a mindset that allows them to excel daily in their careers.

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