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UE Forum Program Announced at ‘Make Change Count’ Press Conference with Mayor Faulconer

As a company founded and flourishing in San Diego, we have a community-centric culture that supports our city and inspires our employees to be thoughtful, engaged citizens. On this front, there are countless opportunities to help the community and educate ourselves along the way. With a constant flow of community-based initiatives, one of the best ways to drive social good in a company is to gamify it. We’ve found that nothing inspires organizational action quite like competition–be it in business, leisure, or volunteerism.

Enter the UE Forum Program. In order to boost UE’s grassroots participation in the community, we recently divided our 100-employee company into 9 teams that compete for a series of prizes (i.e. fun group activities) and prestige (i.e. ceaseless bragging rights) each quarter. Teams are diversified across department, job function, and tenure. A counterintuitive outcome of dividing the company into teams and rallying them around collective challenges is that we’ve actually seen an increase in company-wide collaboration and overall unity.

Do more good. Earn more UE Forum points. It’s a simple approach that we believe will catalyze action and help us go the extra mile for good causes, especially when we are swamped with work. And with the holidays upon us, there are plenty of timely causes to support. For this quarter, we’ve decided to support donation drives with the following organizations: the Downtown San Diego Partnership’s Make Change Count Campaign, Feeding America, and the Monarch School.

In the case of Make Change Count, UE Forum teams will be raising money for the Downtown San Diego Partnership’s highly successful “Work Your Way Home” program, reuniting homeless individuals with loved ones, as well as providing funds for a security deposit assistance program and short-term housing to help those struggling with addiction.

We are honored to support this initiative and encourage other San Diego businesses to do the same. Citizens living on the streets of San Diego are among the most vulnerable in our community. Connecting them with their families and the appropriate long-term services requires sustained efforts like those being proposed by Make Change Count. Keep an eye out for UE Forum teams in the coming weeks, as they will be out and about Downtown in true competitive form, raising money and awareness for Make Change Count.


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  1. Interesting that Underground Elephant supports the model of gamifying. Friendly competition is a good way to motivate people whether it’s setting goals for business or here, helping with San Diego’s needy. Jason Kulpa again proves he has a keen mind for business and motivating people. It’s excellent to see it used to help others also!

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