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UE Announces $25,000 Donation to San Diego Humane Society

San Diego, February 13, 2013:  Underground Elephant, a San Diego technology based performance marketing company, is thrilled to announce their donation of $25,000 to the San Diego Humane Society. As a young, vibrant company, Underground Elephant believes in supporting charitable organizations within the San Diego community.

Their generous donation will help fund the creation of new homes for the more than 7,500 stray and surrendered animals the Human Society cares for each year. A portion of their donation will be also be used to provide medical care for the animals. Over the past few years UE has partnered with the Humane Society and SPCA on various events from the Telethon to the Walk for Animals.

“Our culture at UE is all about lending a hand and doing what we can to help make the San Diego community even better,” said Jason Kulpa, CEO and Founder of Underground Elephant. “As a company that loves animals, we value the San Diego Humane Society’s commitment to remain a no-kill shelter. “

Click here to check out the Fox 5 clip of the CEO of Underground Elephant, Jason Kulpa, donating $25,000 to the San Diego Humane Society.

About the San Diego Humane Society and SPCA

The Humane Society has been serving the San Diego area for more than 130 years, supplying vital services to animals within the community. As a 501(c)(3) organization, they are not affiliated with any other Humane Society organizations and rely solely on financial support from the San Diego community.

About Underground Elephant

Underground Elephant is a technology based performance marketing company. Our focus is to improve our partners’ online customer acquisition programs through sophisticated mathematics, optimization and automation technology. Our Proprietary Marketing Delivery Platform enables our team to customize each and every interaction to produce the results that our partners need to increase ROI on their customer acquisition campaigns. With audience specific creatives, websites, and our full circle enterprise class analytics platform, we are dedicated to improving the user experience, and pride ourselves on our unique approach and delivering results to clients.

2 Replies to “UE Announces $25,000 Donation to San Diego Humane Society”

  1. It’s horrifying to think of the number of unwanted animals out there and if it wasn’t for no-kill shelters, many of these furballs wouldn’t find homes. Animals can do so much for people and anyone who has had a cat, dog, or bird knows they usually give us more love than we can ever give them. It’s good to know Underground Elephant donated such a big chunk of change to a very worthy cause. On behalf of my animal friends, thank you!

  2. I can see the passion Underground Elephant has for animals! Jason Kulpa is very passionate in the causes he believes in and I’m sure the $25,000 would definitely help out in the work done by the SDHA. Thank you so much UE for the work you do for the San Diego Community!

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