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Underground Elephant CEO Jason Kulpa Helps Teachers Connect Classroom to Tech Industry

Underground Elephant will host local high school teachers on Wednesday June 21, in an effort to help make classrooms more relevant to tech industry demands. Teachers from the Information Technology Academy at Hoover High School will be shadowing Underground Elephant employees as part of the San Diego County College and Career Readiness Consortium. This coalition works to ensure students are set up for success by aligning classroom curricula with industry needs.

“In order to create the next generation of entrepreneurs, executives and employees, I believe you need to foster interest in technology and computer science in grade schools,” said Jason Kulpa, CEO of Underground Elephant. “It’s really important for kids to understand the connection between what they’re learning in the classroom and the real world jobs they might be executing someday, this is our part in ensuring they have a clear vision of that.”

The teachers will shadow Underground Elephant team members for several hours, observing everyday tasks and operating principles. The UE team will work with teachers to explain how the company works and how employees solve problems or develop solutions to better suit the industry or customers. Teachers will then take what they’ve learned and create similar challenges for students in the classroom, helping to show students how critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration and initiative are all essential skills for the workplace.

Since its founding, Underground Elephant has been actively involved in helping grow San Diego’s technology and entrepreneurial communities. This tour continues Underground Elephant’s efforts to support next-generation technology leaders a recently announced summer internship program will focus on recruiting and mentoring young talent in technology driven careers. The company has also participated in a number of initiatives inviting youth and experienced professionals, transitioning into technology careers, to tour its offices and interact with UE employees in Q&A sessions.

5 Replies to “Underground Elephant CEO Jason Kulpa Helps Teachers Connect Classroom to Tech Industry”

  1. Ask anyone involved in education and they’ll tell you how important technology is in the classroom. Naturally, students need to be literate in technology, but it goes much deeper than that. Technology can be a great way to help students with different learning methods and it can be a tremendous asset to students with special needs who might not be able to use traditional writing instruments. Obviously, Jason Kulpa and Underground Elephant recognize this and it’s great to see them putting their know-how to good use.

  2. Hoover High Teachers are showing how much they care about their students by partnering with Jason Kulpa and his team! So awesome.

  3. There is future in tech, especially with how a lot of jobs have become automated, it’s a good choice to invest in tech to assist in the learning in the classroom. Hoover High is definitely super blessed to have you guys partner up with them. I hope this inspires the students to work even harder and dream bigger to make the world a better place.

  4. Jason Kulpa is a great leader, I’m confident that he is leading his team right and people working for him are very blessed to be guided by someone with much ambition and genuine interest to serve his community. Hoover High is smiling with Underground Elephant team who helped them out.

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