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Underground Elephant Listed as a “Great Place to Work” in San Diego

As a culture-centric and community-focused tech company, Underground Elephant is proud to exhibit a work environment that consistently ranks it as one of San Diego’s “Great Places to Work” — and 2015 is no exception. The Great Places to Work information was gathered from anonymous surveys completed by 56 employees and then summarized in their 2015 review.

Our advertising technology, marketing software, and custom SaaS solutions are actively transforming the landscape of our industry, and along the way we are reinventing the customer acquisition strategies of our large-enterprise partners. But how do we do it? At the literal level, we write great code and we provide impeccable customer service. However, that begs the question, why does our team perform so well? This takes us deep, to the meta level, which is all about culture. Underground Elephant has a culture that attracts, inspires, and empowers its employees to great things–the company operates as a platform for our team’s success.

For example, in order to sustain a constant state of value-added innovation, our wildly creative team embraces “controlled chaos” as the bedrock of our culture. It’s the mantra we live by. It shows in how we collaborate, as a team: whether we are sharing new ideas at demo days, writing code for two-week sprints, having internal competitions between sales teams, sharing a motivational conversation with retired 3-time world champion boxer, Paul Vaden, fundraising for a local nonprofit, hosting renowned community speakers, or throwing crazy offsite parties.

The Great Places to Work summary highlights the fact that we have a close-knit, collaborative team here at Underground Elephant where each employees can enjoy a fun atmosphere, while feeling like their actions make a difference. A workplace where celebrating special events together provides cherished time to unwind and bond, while also creating opportunities to engage in and provide support to our local community. A workplace that provides perks that make the day-to-day rhythm more enjoyable, while also providing mentorship and development that makes our professional trajectories more meaningful.

Below is a snapshot of what we provide to our team that makes Underground Elephant a great place to work. What this list does not capture is the palpable kinetic energy of our work atmosphere. The buzz of new ideas and problem-solving that is transforming the way business and consumers interact.

• Medical, Dental & Vision Coverage

• 401k Matching

• Life and Disability Insurance

• Tuition Reimbursement

• Unlimited Paid Time Off

• Annual PitchFest (Employees pitch ideas and compete for stock options)

• On-Site Massages

• Mentorship with Champion in Residence, Paul Vaden

• Unlimited Breakfast, Snacks, Coffee, Red Bull & Monster

• Bi-Weekly Company Meetings

And when we move into our new Downtown San Diego office in East Village later this year, the energy and atmosphere will elevate to a whole new level. Exciting times are on the horizon, and our culture is what helps us navigate.

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