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UE Named San Diego’s Fastest Growing Private Company

Underground Elephant, a leader in performance-based online marketing, announced today it was recognized as the “Fastest Growing Private Company” in San Diego by the San Diego Business Journal. In its first year of eligibility for the award, the technology start up was named the winner with a growth rate more than tripled that of the second place recipient.

The award is one of San Diego Business Journal’s most coveted and exclusive awards of the year. Ranking is based solely on gross revenue from 2008 through 2010. To be eligible, a company must have generated revenue in excess of $200,000 in 2008.

Underground Elephant, which recently celebrated its third anniversary in July 2011, has grown revenues more than 3,000% since its inception in 2008, and has over 50 employees at its downtown San Diego location. By diversifying into new verticals and expanding into the global marketplace, the company expects to exceed $24 million in revenues for 2011, which would bring the grossed total since 2008 to over $40 million. In recent months, Underground Elephant has also been named one of the Top 10 “Best Places to Work” in San Diego and is ranked 3rd on the San Diego Business Journal’s Advertising Agency List.

Underground Elephant delivers quality consumer inquiries to clients using their proprietary technology platform, NeoKeo 2.0, which provides comprehensive campaign management. They work with clients throughout the entire lead generation cycle, which ensures only the highest qualified leads are delivered. The newest platform iteration, launched last month,` combines optimized media, multiple platforms, and data-warehouse-driven analytics.

“To be recognized as the ‘Fastest Growing Private Company’ in San Diego is quite an accomplishment,” said Jason Kulpa, CEO of Underground Elephant. “As a bootstrapped company, we had to be frugal with our spending and innovative with our internal processes. It was in this environment that we created the robust technology platform which has allowed the company to remain a leader in our competitive marketplace.”

About Underground Elephant

Underground Elephant is a global performance-based marketing technology company that specializes in customer acquisition solutions in a wide range of vertical markets. Our proprietary technology platform, NeoKeo 2.0™, funnels qualified inquires through data-driven algorithms to maximize client ROI and increase conversion propensity. Our team of experts generates thousands of quality, real-time inquiries for our Fortune 500 clients daily. We are dedicated to improving user experience, and pride ourselves on our unique approach and delivering results.


San Diego, CA – October 03, 2011  Underground Elephant tops this year’s list as San Diego Business Journal’s Fastest Growing Private Company.