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Commitment to Going Green

At Underground Elephant, we understand that even the smallest steps towards going green can make an impact. This year, we are putting a new spin on Earth Day. In the spirit of conservation, we are turning off our printer during business hours to show how printing dependence can be mitigated by using alternative means. We are looking forward to the challenge and hope to both promote as well as strengthen similar conservation strategies at the office.

Most organizations are aware of the positive effects that going green can have on the environment, however developing a plan may seem like a daunting task.  Our commitment to energy-saving strategies is reflected in our “Elephants Go Green” initiative, a plan designed to get employees involved in green practices at the workplace.

The initiative encourages employees to:

–  Turn off equipment when not in use and turn on power save mode when available
–  Communicate via email
–  Utilize company shared folders and digitally file documents
–  Use paper that consists of recycled materials
–  Print only when absolutely necessary
–  Print double-sided when possible
–  Carpool or walk to local events to reduce gas emissions
–  Reuse and/or recycle old electronics, such as computers, monitors, and keyboards

How your organization can benefit from going green:

Adopting eco-friendly practices can help businesses and organizations increase efficiency while also decreasing their financial bottom line.  These systems require far less resources than their competitors, thus cutting costs.  Energy-saving upgrades can greatly reduce your company’s energy bill every month.

Your educational institution, organization, or small business can show your commitment to the environment by partnering with organizations like Energy Star, part of the Environmental Protection Agency. This has the potential to increase your company’s marketability while also taking steps to help worldwide conservation efforts. By taking the necessary steps to decrease our carbon footprints, we can help preserve the environment for future generations.