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Underground Elephant’s Finer Things Club – Afternoon with Paru Tea

Underground Elephant’s Finer Things Club hosted an afternoon of fine, hand-crafted tea from Paru Tea Bar. Underground Elephant’s employees were given a menu of three specialty iced tea beverages to select from, and an opportunity to watch as Paru Tea Bar’s owner, Amy Truong, made each beautiful tea. The drinks featured beautiful colors, fresh flowers, and tropical decor, which made for the perfect afternoon pick-me-up. Truong told Underground Elephant employees that she started Paru Tea Bar to provide an energizing alternative to coffee beverages. Her tea was a hit throughout the office, and provided the perfect amount of energy to power through the rest of the work day.

About Underground Elephant’s Finer Things Club:

The Finer Things Club is the most exclusive club at Underground Elephant.

About Paru Tea Bar:

PARU provides alternative beverages for non-coffee drinkers in the beautiful city of San Diego. Their aim is to educate people on the benefits of teas by offering modern twists on traditional drinks. They’ve designed our menu with aromatic flavors, and we use fresh and organic ingredients for energy boosts throughout the day. They’re also proud to be one of the few tea shops to offer handcrafted tapioca pearls, popularly known as “boba.” The name of our shop is borrowed from the Japanese word for pearl, “paru” (パール).
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Watch our video of the Paru Tea afternoon here:

Check out Underground Elephant’s YouTube Channel to see more events hosted by the Finer Things Club here.

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