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Utilizing Social Media to Attract Talent

Offering competitive pay is no longer enough to attract the talent your team needs. In addition, millennials are looking to work at a company that fulfills their social, psychological, and even emotional needs. With so many employers trying to obtain new talent, being attractive in the eyes of candidates is essential. However, reaching this desired talent can be difficult and expensive if relying solely on paid marketing campaigns. Here are three ways to utilize social media platforms for marketing your company as the best place to work:

WordPress Blog Featuring the Work of Internal Employees

Blogs are a great way to market your company without dropping big $ on a campaign. Besides being a great SEO tool, blogs are a great way to feature your employees. The idea of working for an employer that values the thoughts and work of its employees enough to post to a company blog might draw candidates. Additionally, these employee blogs are a fantastic way to show clients your broad pool of talent. At Underground Elephant, we like to feature employees from across departments because of the depth of topics our blogs can cover by doing so. Need additional help getting your blog out to the community? This INC. article provides great insight!

YouTube Channel Highlighting Company Culture 

If your company is not utilizing YouTube in its social media campaign, get started! Vlogs and webinars, like blogs, are a great way to show consumers that you know your stuff. However, videos are also a great way to show what life is like at your company. Here at Underground Elephant, we have a video series, Life @ Underground Elephant, to show the world the professional yet fun events that happen within the company. We also started a YouTube channel dedicated to our Finer Things Club. The Finer Things Club hosts extravagant events for Underground Elephant employees like wine pairing, flower arranging, cocktail making etc. The goal is not only for our current UE employees to have a great time, but also to show potential employees what they could be apart of.

Facebook Events that Allow the Networking with the Public

Another way to stand out to the local crowd is by hosting or sponsoring public events. Involving your company with community events is a great way to give back and show you care, which can be a big draw for many job seekers, and can double as a networking event. For startups and smaller companies especially, creating a Facebook Event can also a great way to get your company brand out to the public as well as a cheaper alternative to pay-per-click advertisements. Share the Facebook event on community pages, local college business clubs, and invite the co hosting company or nonprofit to contribute their connections as well.

Reaching your potential, future employees doesn’t have to be budget breaking or time consuming. Incorporating these tips into company social media strategies can grow not only your professional team, but also gain the attention and interest of potential clients.

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