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Yes, Lists Are Still the Best Productivity Tool — if They’re Done Correctly

With multi-tasking becoming routine in daily life, the ability to keep track of events, tasks, and activities is becoming increasingly more difficult. To-do lists and calendars have always existed as functional organizational tools, yet may fall short in inspiring productivity if not managed effectively. While it may be tempting to jot down every single task you wish to accomplish in eight hours, looking at an unfinished list at the end of a day feels unaccomplished. Instead, lists need to be crafted with reality in mind.

New tools like the Bullet Journal have optimized the process, offering a sense of organization and rhythm to list making. However, other more traditional forms of lists are still effective when done correctly. By applying several best practices to list management in the workplace, such as writing tasks and wins at the end of each day, goals will be more achievable and employee productivity will increase. For more best list-making best practices, click here for the full article on HubPages.

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