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3 Key Takeaways From San Diego Interactive Day

I recently had the pleasure of attending San Diego Interactive Day (SDX) 2017, a one-day conference that took place in multiple business around San Diego with a multitude of marketing and advertising experts from all over the country, including:

Sally Hogshead – Author of “Fascinate”
Steven Wilhit – VP Global Marketing, Apple
Liz Gasser – VP of Strategy, Qualcomm

Here are my three main takeaways from the SDX conference:

Content is King.
In order to drive consumers to your brand you must keep your content exciting, fresh and plentiful. Find the topics that best fit your audience and create viral videos, blogs, and social posts to keep them interested and clicking.

Transparency should be the norm in your business. 
Liz Gasser of Qualcomm discussed the open shareholder culture at her company. Each day the cash balance is shared to all employees. Not only does it create trust and loyalty among employees and employer, it also motivates people to improve. At UE, we have daily meeting where we review our numbers and that brings everyone together and motivated.

Different is better than Better.  
This was the title of keynote speaker Sally Hogshead speech. She had each attendee take a personality test before the speech so she could show each person how to identify and unleash their most exceptional traits and empowering others to do the same. She explained how to best work with people on your team after identifying their main motivators.

I was able to implement many of the things I learned from San Diego Interactive day to my career at UE and look forward to learning more marketing and advertising tricks.

About San Diego Interactive Day:
San Diego Interactive Day has been a yearly event in San Diego for 13 years, serving as an opportunity for the creative community to come together to share ideas and listen to industry leaders and innovators talk about the changing landscape of interactive marketing and design. It’s the West Coast’s premier digital marketing, media and advertising conference, wound up a notch.

About SDX:
As San Diego’s premier media, technology and marketing organization, SDX (formerly San Diego Ad Club) is committed to advancing the community by creating an environment that allows the influential groups of the industry – agencies, brands, publishers and start-ups – to intersect with what’s next. We leverage the collective strength of the industry along with the innovative entrepreneur community to make San Diego one of the best places for marketing and advertising in the nation. Learn more about SDX by visiting there website: here

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