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3 Lead Generation Fallacies

There is plenty of advice out there on lead generation best practices, but how do you sort through all the clutter and truly determine which strategies are effective? We specialize in lead generation on a daily basis and have tried every technique in the book and trust us, they don’t all work. Here are three lead gen fallacies to avoid so you can get to the results faster.

Contact Everyone and Anyone

Some people use the methodology that the wider you spray the more results you’ll get – false. Lead generation takes careful thought and planning to ensure that you are reaching out to the appropriate contacts. If a person does not have a need for your product or service they’re not going to be interested in what you have to say, even if you have the best sales pitch ever. Don’t waste your time. Create a strategic plan that targets an audience relevant to what you’re offering.

You Don’t Need Marketing

Crafting a lead generation strategy without marketing is setting you up for failure. While we’re not saying you need to go out and spend a ton of money on ad campaigns or sponsored promotions, a strong and consistent lead gen campaign will incorporate marketing to enhance and amplify efforts. A strategy as simple as consistent social media updates and a few blog posts a month highlighting your expertise will not only present you as an expert in your field, but provide supplementary content to prospects considering working with you.

As Long as You’re Getting Results Your Strategy is Working

While results are the No.1 priority, failing to analyze them can leave you missing out on greater success. Complacency can ultimately be your downfall, so even when the leads appear to flowing in take the time to analyze if you are connecting more with a particular industry, age group or gender. If you come across biases, try to make small adjustments to your strategy in order to greater maximize your results.

Successful lead generation comes down to continuous adaptation of an integrated strategy; cutting corners will most certainly garner sub-par results. Avoid these three fallacies and you’ll be closer to narrowing down the list of tactics that work best for you.

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