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UE Goes Behind-The-Scenes With The San Diego Police Department

As part of our ongoing partnership with the San Diego Police Foundation, the Underground Elephant team was invited to go behind-the-scenes at the San Diego Police Academy. There we got an unprecedented look at the rigorous training that police academy candidates go through in order to secure a career in the community oriented law enforcement agency.

The police academy is a six month program. Two thirds of the academy is academics and one third of the academy is physical training. From our short time at the academy, it was clear that the San Diego Police Department maintains high expectations of its officers. The team was able to participate in a number of the training sessions ranging from virtual vehicle simulators to walking through high intensity crisis response scenarios. Instructors emphasized the importance of: integrity, interpersonal sensitivity, communication skills, problem solving, judgement under pressure, dependability, observational skills, and desire for self improvement. Certainly all characteristics of high performing employees and very relevant to Underground Elephant’s core values.

For us it was both an incredible learning experience but also a lot of fun. We all came away with a greater appreciation for not only what police academy candidates go through in their training, but everything the San Diego Police Department does on a daily basis to keep ‘America’s Finest City’ safe.

A HUGE thank you to the San Diego Police Department and the San Diego Police Foundation for truly a memorable experience. Head on over to our Facebook page for some photos from our visit.