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Furthering My Education as a Graphic Designer

Underground Elephant offers many perks for its employees, one of which is tuition reimbursement.

I am a graphic designer and work with landing pages in my department. I know some extent of HTML and CSS coding and have been able to make edits to our landing pages. We have a web development team that codes our pages and is a resource to us relating to HTML/CSS, but I wanted to learn how to make a landing page from scratch. I knew this would be a huge benefit to my team and to our web dev team as I would be able to handle some of the requests on my own and not have to bother the web dev team as much.

Because I work with landing pages and with HTML/CSS on a daily basis, my request to take a class that explains the basics of those concepts made sense. Learning the process would elevate my job performance and ultimately lead to new opportunities in my career. Underground Elephant loves to support its employees like myself in continuing our education, especially when it can improve our job performance.

I found a coding class through the UCSD extension program. It was very easy to enroll in the class and because it was a night class, it also worked perfectly with my schedule. It was a balancing act working, going to school, and having homework on the weekend. But, with hard work and dedication I passed my class with an A+! Taking this class doesn’t make me a professional web designer, as there is so much more to learn, but I do feel like I know more than I started with and that was my goal.

This was a great experience that I am very grateful to work for a company that believes in me and wants to support my continual education!

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