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How I Motivated My Sales Team With ‘Mario Kart’

The ability to motivate employees is an elusive yet necessary skill for any company to harness. While commissions and bonuses may seem like the best way to encourage a sales team to hit higher goals, this type of compensation may actually be doing more harm than good. Many times, commission structures can come off as unfair, driving a wedge between competitive team members. Without positive motivation, employees are also less likely to be engaged in the workplace, which can lead to higher turnover rates.

Here at Underground Elephant, we’ve tried to come up with innovative ways to inspire our sales teams, beyond the typical cash handouts. Attempting to gamify the sales process with a relatable theme, we kicked off a “Mario Kart” initiative which brought the classic video game to life on the sales floor. With a couple balloons, some rules, and even a few costumes, the team became engaged and had fun while doing their normal daily tasks. To read more about our approach to employee motivation and our key strategies, read the full article here.

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