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Inc. features Underground Elephant CEO, Jason Kulpa in the “Best Advice I Ever Got”

Underground Elephant CEO, Jason Kulpa was featured in an Inc. article today titled, “Best Advice I Ever Got: Quitting Is for Winners.”  The article examines how the art of quitting while you’re ahead is an invaluable skill for CEOs to consider. An excerpt from the article is below.

As an entrepreneur, success is the end goal, but the path to achieving it is rarely the same one you set out on. For me, the key to success was to quit fast and quit often. It’s been the driving force behind my company’s development. While there are plenty of great reasons to quit in business, there’s often a sense of pride attached to “sticking it out”–especially for entrepreneurs. However, being a smart businessperson means letting go of your ego and hesitations and embracing the unknown.

For example, I grew up in the small border town of Yuma, Arizona. While there were some opportunities, I knew I had to leave if I wanted to create something valuable. So I made San Diego my new home and built the company I lead today. My ability to pivot around uncertainty has equipped me with these three lessons that changed my perspective as a leader and helped me grow my business…

To read about Jason’s three lessons, you can read the full Inc. article here.