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Know Thy Audience: Underground Elephant Founder Elaborates on Social Media Marketing Strategy

In the article “Planning for Progress: 18 Tips for a Successful Media Strategy”, members from the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) share their insights with the Search Engine Journal regarding how to develop social media strategies, successfully. YEC member and Underground Elephant founder, Jason Kulpa, highlights the importance of fully understanding one’s target audience, as it ensures that the message resonates with their unique needs; thereby delivering high-intent customers—a win-win scenario.

“The key to success,” asserts Jason, “is taking the time to understand your audience. Find out what they like, who they follow, and where they spend their time and money. If what you say and how you say it doesn’t align with your target market, than your message will be lost in the jungle that is the social media landscape.”

Amidst the rapidly evolving digital landscape, social media is emerging as an invaluable marketing channel with the potential to take customer traffic—and companies’ sales—to another level. Identifying the goals and motivations of a target audience is imperative, as it ensures that the social media strategy ultimately speaks to their needs, driving success for both the company and the respective market.

To appeal to the masses through social media, it is essential to connect with consumers with the right opportunities at the right time, avoiding a generic one size-fits-all approach. The beauty of multivariate testing is that it actually is possible to iterate a message within a target audience until it resonates—and delivers game-changing marketing results.

The 17 other YEC-member tips are listed below, all of which are :

  1. Know What You Want to Achieve
  2. Hire a Dedicated Content Creator/Director
  3. Bridge the Implementation Gap
  4. Know Your Target Audience
  5. Test Relentlessly
  6. Focus on a Single Metric or Goal
  7. Don’t Spread Yourself Too Thin
  8. Implement Strict Social Media Policies
  9. Cater to Each Platform
  10. Be Prolific and Purposeful
  11. Consult Internal Stakeholders
  12. Collaborate with Everyone
  13. Post Engaging Content Without Over-Selling
  14. Plan Ahead
  15. Enhance Your Consumer’s Day-to-Day Social Life
  16. Keep it Simple and be Genuine
  17. Offer High-Quality Content

This full article, in it’s entirety, can be found in the Search Engine Journal.


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