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How to Make Sure Your Leads Actually Turn Into an Opportunity

For B2B sales teams, the process of closing a sale can be a steeper uphill battle than the same conversion process in the B2C industry. According to research from Implisit, only 0.78% of B2B leads even become a sale. On top of this, it takes an average 84 days for a lead to even become an opportunity, which means B2B sales teams typically have a much slower and more difficult path to conversions. The pressures put on teams to hit targets and increase revenue can in turn lead to poor sales practices, as team members feel pressured to slash prices or give concessions in order to fill their pipeline more quickly.

Through proper training and creative strategies, however, you can keep your sales team motivated and create the sense of camaraderie needed to power through the uphill climb. To read more tips, visit Tweak Your Biz for the rest of the article.

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