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How to Measure Productivity Gains Through Office Design

Although often overlooked, office design can have a profound impact on employee engagement and productivity. In a research report conducted by BRATLAB, employees in optimized workspaces saw a 22% increase in productivity over those in standard spaces. There are many elements that go into an ideal office space, including design, cleanliness, temperature and privacy.  At Underground Elephant, we understand the importance of a creative workspace, and have recently moved our company from a highrise office to a ground floor warehouse space. The space, designed in collaboration with BASILE Studio, was built to encourage creativity and productivity through its unique environment and multitude of open collaborative workspaces. Since moving into the new headquarters, we have seen productivity gains across departments, including a 38% reduced development cycle time for our tech team.

This week on, we are sharing our company’s learnings to help other companies optimize their workspaces and track productivity effectively.

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