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Nurturing Leads at Every Phase of the Buyer’s Journey

The Buyer’s Journey, as we‘ve previously discussed on our blog, is a common analogy used in sales. At each phase of the funnel, prospects need to be uniquely catered to and approached. Use these simple strategies to nurture leads at each phase of the journey and bring them closer to customer status.

Top of the Funnel (ToFu) – In the buyer’s journey this is considered the awareness phase where a salesperson is focused on attracting leads and educating them about the brand, not necessarily a product. When nurturing prospects in the ToFu stage, it’s best to provide resourceful information that serves to educate them on a potential pain point.

Provide prospects with relevant and educational blog content through your website that they can browse at their own liking. Associated with each blog should be a simple call-to-action that leads them to a free offer aligned with the content they’ve enjoyed. At this entry level phase of the journey, offers should focus on checklists, tip sheets or basic e-books. To download that offer, a prospect will provide you high-level contact information via a form, such as their name and email address. As soon as they fill out that first form they have officially transitioned from a prospect to a lead. During ToFu it is important to serve as a resource, avoiding any and all sales lingo or pitches. Being pushy too soon in your relationship with a prospect or lead can turn them away for good.

Middle of the Funnel (MoFu) – Now in the middle of the buyer’s journey you have raised initial awareness and have already provided some resources. To nurture leads in this phase of the funnel, it is key to gradually transition from providing purely educational resources to mixing in content that positions your product or service as the solution to their need.

Continue to provide resourceful content while also attaching offers that are slightly more salesy. Try sending them a blog about solving a particular pain point where the attached offer might be a case study showcasing how your firm solved that issue for another client, or a white paper diving into a deep analysis and overview of solutions for a particular pain point. By continuing to provide helpful resources but also positioning your brand or product as a potential solution, you can build credibility as an expert and as someone a lead is likely to return to in the future when they make a buying decision.

Bottom of the Funnel (BoFu) – Closing time has come. Once you have successfully worked a lead down to the BoFu stage, it’s time to put your sales hat on. You’ve attracted and engaged all the way up to this point, now you must transition from being a resource to being a service provider.

The best way to make this leap is to engage the lead in a dialogue about your brand or services. Offer a free consultation, assessment, discount code, or trial. Getting the lead integrated with your product or service after they have already built an established relationship with you will make them more likely to commit long term.

Nurturing leads at each phase of the funnel is a delicate process. The most important step is to build a trusting and beneficial relationship with prospects early on so they are willing to consider making a purchase with you down the road. Start slow and gradually transition leads through each phase as outlined above and you will be on the path to successfully closing leads.


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