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How ‘Pokémon GO’ (and Other Cultural Crazes) Can Boost Productivity

Let’s face it: With approximately 25 million users, “Pokémon Go” is undoubtedly downloaded onto swaths of employees’ phones. It’s up to business leaders to turn the app from a liability into an asset. With some creative thinking, my team was able to harness the excitement around Pokémon Go and reduce company costs by about $8000.

Gamification is known to exponentially increase employee engagement, and my company’s use of Pokémon Go was no exception. The mundane tasks that make up a tech team’s development spring aren’t exactly fun, but by incorporating the app into the workplace, our team was able to knock out around 50 percent of the internal tickets that were backlogged. To successfully bring cultural crazes into the workplace, click here to follow these steps.

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