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How Social Media and Pizza Increased Our Employee Engagement

In a startup or small business, growing your social media presence is a must. However, attracting a following is difficult, especially in fields like insurance leads. At Underground Elephant, we love gamification and understand its benefits, particularly when combined with pizza. Recently, Underground Elephant’s marketing team hosted a competition to increase social media engagement and SEO. The incentive? The winning team received a catered pizza lunch; the perfect motivation in San Diego, a city filled with artisan pizza.

The game was simple, yet extremely effective. Points were earned by liking/commenting/retweeting/sharing any content posted by Underground Elephant on our major social media profiles and blog. Bonus points were given for subscribing to Underground Elephant’s YouTube channel. Departments were grouped into teams for an added collaborative element. 

This contest benefited Underground Elephant in 3 major ways:

Increased SEO

653 likes on Instagram… In the first hour of the game. Our other social media accounts dramatically improved their analytics as well. With over 50 employees following and sharing, our sites gained credibility and an increased SEO with all the new activity. Additionally, friends and family of our coworkers saw the likes and shares of Underground Elephant employees, and therefore clicked on the content. Who knows? Someone who sees these retweets may be just the person your team needs!

Employees Get Connected

Getting your employees connected on social media can be beneficial for internal communications and general moral! For example, on our social media platforms, Underground Elephant posts volunteer and nonprofit events that the company partners with. This is the perfect way for employees to give back to the community! Employees on also provides employees with opportunities to share company posts they are proud of, or posts featuring a project they worked on, all the while generating SEO for your sites.

Camaraderie Within Departments

With so many different departments in the office, it’s easy to feel disconnected to co workers in other departments. This feeling of disconnection can even trickle into cross-departmental projects, leading to miscommunication and a longer than necessary duration of the project. To combat segregation of departments, we grouped Underground Elephant departments together that wouldn’t usually collaborate; developers and accounting, culture and account managers… At lunch you could hear members of teams bragging about the posts they shared with their Facebook followers, or how many of the YouTube videos they were featured in. And of course, the best camaraderie was the winning team celebrating their victory over a giant pie.  

Now, even without a competition to motivate them, Underground Elephant employees are engaging with the company on social media- a win for the marketing team and the company as a whole. Looking to gain these benefits from your company, but need help narrowing down a gamification strategy that works for you? This Forbes article gives advice on choosing the right gamification strategy. 

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