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Three Commandments for Pursuing a Pivot

From Underground Elephant’s very start, our mission was simple – to make our clients happy. This effective mission kept us focused on the B2B track.

Eventually, however, we noticed the B2C industry served a large number of customers. We believed a customer-facing model would help us positively impact more lives. And after seven successful years serving businesses, pursuing consumers seemed like a natural next step.

Unfortunately, we soon realized serving both consumers and their service providers would be a direct conflict of interest. Our mission couldn’t support both ventures – we had to choose one.

Around this same time, we began to feel social pressures from the investment community to exceed expectations. A pivot towards consumers would be a bold and exciting move. We wanted to be a unicorn, bringing consumers a service that had never existed before.

What we hadn’t realized about our grand plan to pivot toward B2C was that unicorns are rare for a reason.

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