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Three Tips For Increasing Company Unity

The sales team, upper management, the IT guys, the big wigs, and the party people. Step into any other company-wide meeting and you can spot the company cliques. We develop tight knit relationships with the people we see on a daily basis and it wouldn’t surprise you that we socialize with the same people in our departments. Why not mix things up and strengthen company cohesion by creating teams with one person from every department? This is what UE has in mind with our latest culture initiatives. This way, we make sure Will from ZipQuote knows the face of Ross from Business Intelligence when he sends an email.

Here at UE, we have three layers to ensure everyone gets to build personal relationships throughout the entire company.

1Inner-Department Bonding: The first relationships built at a company are usually within your department. We ensure our new team members are able to ask any and all questions when joining a team. Every person joining a department will shadow multiple team members doing the task. There are many ways to complete a task and seeing differences will help you understand how the team works as a whole.

2. The UE Buddy Program: Every new hire has a designated buddy from another department that helps acclimate them into our company culture. Our Human Resource all-stars pair up new hires with established UE employees with similar personalities or interests. Buddies meet over lunch provided by UE on a weekly basis for a month to discuss early experience at Underground Elephant. As the buddy initiative takes shape, we hope to have all have better cross-departmental understanding and to achieve greater company unity.

3. The UE Forum Program: Our most ambitious culture building program involves dividing the company into 9 teams created across departments, job functions, and tenure, in order to build a collaborative environment. Teams are given points for participating in company discussions, contributing to blogs, and referring all-stars to work with us. Most importantly, our competitive spirit enables us to be incentivized for a good cause. We have issued points for teams that have raised the most money for Make Change Count, donated the most food to Feeding America, and for collecting the most pounds of clothes for the Monarch School.

These layers of company integration come to fruition when employees come to work happy and love the people they work with. As a tech industry leader voted one of the best companies to work for in San Diego, we are at the forefront of creating a uniquely collaborative environment.


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