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Today is Startup Day!

Today marks the fourth annual Startup Day Across America, encouraging Members of Congress to connect with entrepreneurs in their districts to hear their challenges and spread awareness for the startup community.  Over the past few years, startup companies have begun spreading from the densely populated Bay Area to cities across the nation, with new micro- “Silicon Valleys” popping up in places like Boulder, Austin, and San Diego. Although northern California still boasts the largest number of startup companies and capital investments (accounted for 47% of the total capital raised nationally in 2015), these other cities are becoming increasingly popular hot spots to establish companies.

San Diego’s climate, culture, and proximity to the talent pools from top universities makes it an attractive location for many up-and-coming companies, including Underground Elephant. According to the Downtown San Diego Partnership, the city’s downtown area is becoming an innovation center, with 110 tech companies and a concentrated millennial population. Our company’s recent move to a ground floor warehouse in East Village is a testament to the city’s ever-increasing tech and startup focus, with the area becoming the latest hub for entrepreneurial minded companies.

Working at a startup instead of a larger corporation has its benefits, too. While building a company from the ground up can be an incredible challenge for the founding members, employees at startups can benefit from the hard-working environment.  Taryn Lomas, UE’s Chief Revenue Officer and first employee, says “One of the most rewarding parts of working at a startup is having a personal hand in the company’s growth. When I started, we hadn’t even made a dollar yet; now we are close to $80 million. Also because startups are lean out of necessity – you end up wearing a lot of hats and acquiring a wide range of skill-sets.”

Happy Startup Day from our startup to yours!

PS. It also happens to be National IPA Day, which is a pretty important holiday for our city, too. We will be cheers-ing to startups and beer with our Sculpin IPA on tap, so thank you Ballast Point Brewery for being one of our favorite sponsors and helping us to keep the startup culture thriving in our new space.

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