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Underground Elephant founder answers, “When Is Your Company Ready To Run Its Own Marketing Platform?

In his most recent thought leadership article, Jason Kulpa, founder and leader of Underground Elephant shares some pearls of wisdom based on years of professional experience building marketing platforms. He outlines three key indicators for when your company needs to transition from a third-party marketing platform to one that is developed in house. He also provides three tips to ensure that in-house platform development is a wild success.

The ability to convey messages clearly and effectively to your target market can position you as a leader in your industry and drive profits. But knowing the right time to run a marketing platform in-house — and how to implement it successfully — can be tricky.

Controlling the platform architecture and integrating it with other services and products will serve your company well as it pivots. Many companies outsource in the earlier stages because their resources are limited, but if you’ve experienced substantial growth, you may be ready to take the wheel and get your own marketing platform.

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