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San Diego Business Journal Ranks Underground Elephant #3 Largest SaaS Company in County

Underground Elephant is the #3 Software as a Service (SaaS) company in the county, according to the San Diego Business Journal, which determined its ranking based on companies’ total number of employees. Underground Elephant’s SaaS products include the Allstate Lead Marketplace and the Underground Elephant Marketplace, both of which drove rapid sales growth and job creation in 2014, and are showing even more promise this year.

The Allstate Lead Marketplace (ALM) is an agent-focused lead management platform that was created by Underground Elephant, in collaboration with Allstate Insurance. By supplying thousands of Allstate agents with real-time performance data across numerous suppliers, ALM delivers unprecedented purchasing power and is reinventing the Internet lead-buying industry along the way. ALM’s functionality and closed-loop reporting streamlines the sales cycle, improves user experience, and increases buying power for agency owners. As such, the platform has quickly become the preferred online destination for Allstate agents shopping for real-time, centralized auto and home leads from high-quality vendors. Remarkably, from ALM’s regional launch in February to its national rollout in December, the ALM user base increased by 1,900%–a signal that this was truly an invaluable 2014 SaaS product. Meanwhile, Underground Elephant continues to improve ALM, adding new features to a platform created for–and shaped by–Allstate agents. As a result, in 2015, ALM’s user base and transaction volume is already growing at rate that will far surpass last year’s already impressive numbers.

Although the Underground Elephant Marketplace has a similar namesake to ALM, it is actually a very different type of SaaS product. The Marketplace is an innovative web portal and sales system that allows agents from 13 major insurance carriers to easily purchase and manage Underground Elephant’s internally-generated Auto and Home leads. By leveraging proprietary direct response marketing technology across numerous devices and digital marketing channels, Underground Elephant is not only a fast-emerging SaaS provider, but also the category leader in digital lead generation. As a matter of fact, in terms of metrics, our Marketplace’s quote and policy rates are among the best in the industry. At a time when many lead vendors incentivize, aggregate, and/or duplicate their leads to boost volume (and reduce quality), Underground Elephant remains true to its mission: connecting our clients with truly high-intent consumers. As a result of this unwavering commitment to quality and integrity, the number of  sales transactions on the Marketplace have doubled in the last 6 months.

The efforts of the Underground Elephant team to innovate and improve the insurance industry resulted in two great SaaS products, the Allstate Lead Marketplace and the Underground Elephant Marketplace. We are thankful to all the insurance agents that use our products. With their support, we are able to build new products and create more jobs–with over 90 Underground Elephant employees in 2015.

With its creative team and healthy partnerships, Underground Elephant will continue to improve and reshape the customer acquisition industry in 2015.

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