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Underground Elephant joins the Downtown San Diego Partnership, Chairman’s Circle

Underground Elephant is pleased to announce it has joined the Downtown San Diego Partnership (DSDP)–a member-based, non-profit organization committed to the success of San Diego’s vibrant, world-class urban centre.

Kris Michell, president and CEO of DSDP remarked, “Increasingly Downtown San Diego is a hub for innovation serving as home to more than 70 technology companies. As we work to grow this vibrant tech ecosystem, it is important to partner with the best and brightest in our Downtown and that’s why we are so pleased to welcome Underground Elephant as one of our newest Chairman’s Circle members.”

As a member of the Chairman’s Circle, Underground Elephant looks forward to supporting DSDP’s mission to “advocate for the branding, revitalization, economic vitality, and growth of Downtown SD.”

The Imagine Downtown Plan has many action areas, ranging from catalyzing economic development to alleviating homelessness, from diversifying transportation options to activating open spaces. As a new member, we are eager to support these causes.

Within these broad efforts, Underground Elephant and DSDP also share a vision of a vibrant tech startup ecosystem in Downtown San Diego, a high-density tech industry creating disruptive ideas and generating high-paying jobs, further diversifying our region’s economy and uplifting local communities along the way.

Sustained dedication to building out this vision will be crucial. To support this cause, members of Underground Elephant’s leadership team–namely Keola Malone, Keith Kirk, and Matt Wickstrand–will be joining DSDP’s Tech Startup Committee.

Given Underground Elephant’s commitment to culture and community, Stacy Mendes and I will join the DSDP’s Creative Culture Committee, which focuses on the development of a comprehensive policymaking strategy, as well as attracting and promoting arts and culture events at venues throughout Downtown.

Lastly, Underground Elephant aims to work alongside stakeholders who share the vision described above, in the hope of helping to build an inclusive community of downtown tech innovators. In this spirit, we gladly support DSDP and our fellow members, as key community partners and trusted collaborators.