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Underground Elephant’s 5th Annual Scavenger Hunt

Underground Elephant’s annual Scavenger Hunt tradition brought a spirited kickoff to this year’s Forum Program. For the fifth year in a row, UE employees formed teams and donned costumes to compete in a wild and excited hunt for clues across downtown San Diego. The company’s recent office move offered challenges centered in the office’s new neighborhood of East Village.

Over the course of an hour and a half, the nine cross-departmental teams sprinted around the neighboring blocks trying to complete over 100 challenges. Tasks varied from easy to outlandish, requiring employees to strategize and apply their skills as a unit. Each mission was recorded with a photo on the mobile Goosechase app, which were then viewed at the after party. This year’s winner was forum team Taste the Rainbow, captained by Eric Foy, whose scavenger skills outmatched the rest of the playing field. The team was awarded 100 forum points, which gives them an advantage going into the upcoming holiday challenges.

To view more images from the annual event, visit Underground Elephant’s Facebook page.

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