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Underground Elephant’s 7 Components of Culture

What makes a culture? A near limitless variety of factors go into creating this collective phenomenon and every organization has its own unique expression, whether or not it is intentionally supported or simply left to its own devices.

At Underground Elephant, we are highlighting seven components that we believe are critical to understanding and engaging with our culture. We are of the mind that by shining a light on these seven components, and allowing them room to breathe, we are taking another important step toward building a differentiated, lasting culture.


We view the entire company as a collective platform that improves the livelihoods of those around us, supporting employees, consumers, clients, and the local community alike.


Underground Elephant can and must ensure that the consumers we represent live a better life, that they have a positive experience. With every successfully converted lead, we’ve improved people’s lives: a consumer, their family, their agent, and the agent’s family. That’s how we create value, and how our efforts have ripple effects that scale digitally.


Our Community Values are the foundation of our culture and foster a collaborative environment for the professional growth and development of everyone on our team. By sustaining a workplace dedicated to cooperation, curiosity, and adaptation, we are able to fully embrace controlled chaos as the catalyst of innovation and improved services.


Values have gravitas when they are embodied by practice and action. Whether in the office or in the community, the extent to which our cultural values inform our business practices is central to the success of our culture.


The best way for an organization to build a vibrant culture is to work with people that share its core values, or possess the willingness and ability to embrace them. We bond amidst the levity of our successes and the weight of our challenges, as both teach us about ourselves as individuals and teammates.


Every organization has a unique origin story, and understanding that history enriches culture by providing context for the me, us, and now of team members within their own organization. The trajectory of our self-funded company from its origin to where it is today parallels the story of David and Goliath, except that our slingshot and stone is our ability to innovate and develop transformative technology in a highly competitive landscape of publicly-traded companies.


There is a deeply rooted interdependence between people, place and culture, where each has the ability to strongly reinforce the other. With a progressive, community-focused culture fueled by a creative team, Underground Elephant is building a remarkable new office in the historic TR Produce building that will inspire anyone who enters the space.

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