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Underground Elephant’s Jason Kulpa: Digital Marketing Tips for CMOs

Underground Elephant’s founder and leader, Jason Kulpa, was just featured in another thought leadership installment for Business 2 Community titled, “16 Key Trends in Digital Marketing CMOs Should Embrace”. 

Industry thought leaders from the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) were asked, “What is one trend in digital marketing that you believe all startup CMOs should be implementing in the next quarter?”

Jason’s key trend: Mobile-first Design.

To elaborate, he provides the following insight, “As the percentage of people who consume media on their phones continues to skyrocket, marketers can no longer think of targeting mobile users as an add-on to a traditional digital media strategy. They must focus on content that is customized for the mobile platform. Adapting for this channel requires creation of images and messaging that is scaled down to smaller screens and younger audiences.”

Below are the remaining 15 trends identified by the YEC digital marketing innovators:

  1. Deeper Personalization
  2. Retargeting
  3. PR Technology
  4. Content Marketing
  5. Micro Video
  6. Facebook Audience
  7. Photos and Graphics
  8. Integrated Data Analytics
  9. Native Advertising
  10. Social Media Marketing
  11. Analytics Analysis
  12. Multi-Channel Attribution
  13. Hashtags
  14. Owning your own Advertising
  15. Twitter

The diverse scope of this list is an accurate portrayal of an industry in flux, as digital marketing continues to disrupt traditional approaches to customer acquisition. In order to maximize our own value proposition to clients, we too must account for many (often all) of the trends mentioned above–and it makes all the difference. Innovative marketing services and software–along with forward-thinking, creative implementation strategies–are the only way to provide a competitive edge in online marketing.

This post can originally be found in Business 2 Community.


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