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Working Friends, Working Relationships

Through my years at Underground Elephant i have been able to build a multitude of strong interpersonal relationships in the workplace due to the many great people that i have had the pleasure to work with.  Working with amazing, fun people could be considered the best reason to come to 808 J St. and continue to give it my all every day.  However, one obstacle that comes with working with so many fun people, is managing the many different relationships on social and professional levels.

I would like to share two learned takeaways I have picked up during my tenure at Underground Elephant.

Non-Verbal Communication:

Non-verbal communication is just as important (if not more important) as verbal communication. For example, It’s not only important to be cognitive of what you say, but also how you say it. Make eye contact, smile (even when you’re slammed, busy, stressed) and stay positive in all interactions.  I have learned that in order to ensure my colleague knows I am listening to them i must physically turn- away from my monitors/ keyboards when approached. I know that if i do not physically turn away that  I will not be able to  help myself from clicking, scrolling, or even typing while attempting to interact, and that can come off as rude.

Problem Solving:

When presenting an issue try your best to bring a solution. While the discovery of bugs or errors in reporting, software, or processes is always a great find, solving the problem is always the end goal. Don’t be the person that just points it out,  Be the guy or gal solving it.

While there are many more items that go into successful work relationships … respect, initiative, keeping commitments … to name a few, the above-mentioned items have helped me be efficient and productive in the collaborative workplace that is UE.

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